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We are proud to announce issuance of US Patents #8,860,594 and #9,584,154, with a third patent soon to issue. This breakthrough provides a path forward through the bandwidth bottleneck while reducing energy, cable costs, and EMI.

We are also extremely grateful for being selected by USTAR as a recipient of a 2018 TAP grant, funding additional R&D demonstrating the superiority of this technology over gigabit Ethernet and similar high-speed interconnect systems. Current high-speed interconnects such as PCI Express (PCIe) 3.x/4.x, USB 3.x, Apple Lightning, and more benefit from this patented technology.


* 4x-16x increase in bandwidth over existing copper (e.g. CAT5/CAT6, PCIe). Up to 16Gbps over gigabit Ethernet copper, 160Gbps over 10gbit copper. 8- to 16-lane performance over single-lane PCI Express (PCIe).

* Significantly lower energy-per-bit reduces plant costs for cloud, datacenter, and carrier-class providers.

* Significantly reduced EMI compared to Ethernet PAM, PCIe, and similar signaling technologies.

* Constant-power design allows simultaneous power+data with reduced implementation costs. Remotely power high-speed devices over signal line.

* Extended carry-distance for signals over copper. Move beyond existing copper length limits.

* Ideal for custom local buses for video, server local backplanes, ultra-high-speed datacenter-local connections.

This technological breakthrough enables 8x to 16x bandwidth increases over reduced wiring, and breaks the I/O bottleneck which impedes the growth of high-bandwidth interconnections. For decades we have seen on-chip capability grow at or near the curve known as "Moore's Law", while I/O capabilities languish due to the physical limits of I/O pad size and digital signaling.

Please download and read our white paper NRZ vs QRS detailing why this technology is the path to the future. Contact us for more information.

We have entered into licensing discussions with several companies. If you or your company is interested in licensing or purchasing this technology please contact us using the addresses provided on the contact us page.


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